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Pre-Clinical Dental In-Vivo Data (Papers)

  1. Periodontal regeneration with peptide-enhanced anorganic bone matrix in particulate and putty form in dogs.  Vastardis S, Yukna RA, Mayer ET, Atkinson BL.  J Periodontol, 2005; Oct 76(10): 1690-1696.
  2. Successful sinus floor augmentation in Rhesus monkeys after using either ABM/P-15 or allogeneic cranial bone and bone marrow.  Sharawy M, El-Madany I.   Submitted for publication. 
  3. Bone defects of mandible and tibia grafted with an anorganic bovine matrix with P-15™ in an inert hydrogel heal with intramembranous ossification.  Sharawy M.  J Oral & Max Surgery - Submitted for publication.. 
  4. Cortical bone regeneration with a synthetic cell-binding peptide a histologic and histomorphometric pilot study.  Scarano A, Iezzi G, Petrone G, Orsini G, Degidi M, Strocchi R, Piatelli A.  Implant Dentistry 2003; 12(4): 318-24.
  5. Enhancement of osseointegration of implants placed into extraction sockets of healthy and periodontally diseased teeth by using graft material, an ePTFE membrane, or a combination.  Tehemar S, Hanes P, Sharawy M.  Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research 2003; 5(3): 193-211
  6. Bone regeneration of localized chronic alveolar defects utilizing cell-binding peptide associated with anorganic bovine-derived bone mineral: a clinical and histological study. Barboza E,  Souza R, Caula A, Neto L, Caula F, Duarte M.  Journal of Periodontology 2002; 73(10):1153-9