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Pre-Clinical Dental Data (Abstracts)  

  1. Evaluation of hydrogel carriers for anorganic bone matrix / P-15.  Atkinson B, Hanks T, Muench T.  Academy of Osseointegration, Orlando, Florida March 10-12, 2005.
  2. Periodontal regeneration with ABM/P-15 in particulate and putty forms in the oral cavity of dogs.  Vastardis S, Yukna R, Atkinson B.  Academy of Osseointegration, San Francisco, California March 18-20 2004.
  3. In-vivo evaluation of anorganic bovine HA with adsorbed bioactive synthetic peptides.  Parsons JJ, Bhatnagar RS, Tofe AJ. 20th Annual Meeting of Society for Biomaterials. April 5-9, 1994, Boston, MA