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i-FACTOR™ Flex combines a unique anorganic bone mineral (ABM) and small peptide (P-15™) that acts as an attachment factor for specific integrins on osteogenic cells. This novel mechanism of action enhances the body's natural bone healing process resulting in safe, predictable bone formation.

i-FACTOR™ Flex is the lyophilized (freeze-dried) form of i-FACTOR Putty. The handling characteristics of i-FACTOR Flex provide surgeons another option in their treatment methodology.  i-FACTOR Flex can be cut to fit the particular dimensions of an osseous defect or implant device.

  • The lyophilization process allows Flex to soak up and retain bone marrow from surrounding host bone.
  • i-FACTOR Flex requires no mixing or other preparation prior to use.

Handling Instructions

  • i-FACTOR Flex should only be used in surgical procedures where it can be adequately contained in a medical device or within the bony void or defect.
  • Avoid pressurizing the treatment site as a result of overfilling the containment device or bony void
  • Encourage hemostasis in the wound by keeping the surgical site dry.
  • Irrigate prior to placing i-FACTOR Flex, per accepted standard bone grafting techniques.

Size and Ordering Information

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