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i-FACTOR™ Putty

i-FACTOR™ Putty combines a unique anorganic bone mineral (ABM) and small peptide (P-15™) that acts as an attachment factor for specific integrins on osteogenic cells. This novel mechanism of action enhances the body's natural bone healing process resulting in safe, predictable bone formation. The handling characteristics of i-FACTOR Putty allow it to be used in contained implants such as spinal interbody fusion devices.


Product Components

  • P-15™ Small Peptide - i-FACTOR technology is based on the biological activity resulting from a synthetic form of a 15-amino acid peptide found in Type I human collagen. Type I human collagen is the primary organic component found in autograft bone.
  • Anorganic Bone Mineral (ABM) – ABM’s structure provides the optimal surface for irreversible electrostatic binding of P-15. ABM is a naturally porous bone scaffold with a physiological rate of resorption, resulting in a substrate favorable to osteogenic cell growth and formation.
  • Hydrogel Carrier - i-FACTOR Putty uses carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), an inert and biocompatible hydrogel, to aid in the handling and placement of the ABM/P-15 particles at the graft site.

Handling Instructions

  • i-FACTOR™ Putty should only be used in surgical procedures where it can be adequately contained in an implant device or within the bony void or defect.
  • Avoid pressurizing the treatment site as a result of overfilling the containment device or bony void.
  • Encourage hemostasis in the wound by keeping the surgical site dry.
  • Irrigate prior to placing i-FACTOR Putty, per accepted standard bone grafting techniques.

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