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i-FACTOR™ Bone Graft Technology

i-FACTOR™ Bone Graft is the only biologic bone graft that utilizes a synthetic small peptide (P-15™) bound to anorganic bone mineral (ABM). This unique ABM/P-15 combination acts as an attachment factor for osteogenic cells.

  • The first step in the bone formation process is cell attachment. Osteogenic precursor cells bind to P-15 via their α2β1 integrins, which are signaling receptors.
  • i-FACTOR increases the opportunity for cell binding in the fusion site by making an abundance of P-15 available to osteogenic precursor cells, resulting in enhanced cell attachment.
  • After osteogenic precursor cells attach to ABM/P-15 via their α2β1 integrins, a natural signaling cascade occurs that leads to new bone formation. i-FACTOR will only stimulate a healing response in the presence of bone forming cells.
  • This novel mechanism of action enhances the body's natural bone healing process resulting in safe, predictable bone formation. Mechanism of Action >>

i-FACTOR™ Putty

i-FACTOR Putty's handling characteristics allow it to be used in containment devices like interbody fusion devices (i.e., cages). >>

i-FACTOR™ Flex

i-FACTOR Flex can be cut or shaped to fit the particular dimensions of an osseous defect.>>


Leading bone graft technology with enhanced handling from the addition of purified silk fibers.>>

Cell Attachment - Osteogenic precursor cells attach to P-15™ via their α2β1 integrins.

Natural Signaling - α2β1 integrins signal osteogenic cells to release natural BMPs and stimulate proliferation.

Proliferation - Osteogenic cells proliferate leading to safe, enhanced bone formation.

Scanning Electron Microscopy shows enhanced cell attachment and prliferation on ABMP-15 compared to ABM alone

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